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Class introduction

At Gakushisha in 1985Since the school opened in 2017, all teachers have been able to treat students with different personalities with love, understand each student as much as possible, and listen to each student's voice. It's because of love that we can be both strict and happy. By conveying love, we can give students who are motivated but don't know how to study the real joy of understanding, and motivate them to attend the school they want to go to, something they previously thought was impossible, and make them realize that it is possible. It can help build confidence.
At Gakushisha, we value loving relationships with our students, and our strong-willed teachers provide friendly, thorough guidance that suits the student's level until they understand. We aim to steadily improve the skills of each student through early morning classes, summer training camps, thorough practice of interviews and essays for recommendation exams, and above all through long-term planning guidance that puts us in the shoes of our students. Masu.



Class introduction


Class introduction


Opportunity for establishment

My big turning point was when I started working part-time as a private tutor while attending university. When it comes to studying, if you teach it to others, they will absorb and understand. By carefully explaining things you don't understand until they understand, the other person will understand. I believe that this can only be achieved through communication and dialogue between people, and at the same time I found it very enjoyable to teach.
I also realized that while I was teaching, I was also learning from others. By teaching others, you can also help yourself grow and enrich yourself.
It all started when I realized that communication with other people holds infinite possibilities for growing together, and I felt a great sense of purpose in life.


Because we worked hard together
It's worth celebrating together

We, the teachers, work together with our students to decide which school they want to attend, give advice and study methods to pass the exam, and work hard together until they take the entrance exam. When a student is admitted to the school of their choice, or when their efforts are rewarded and the results are what they wanted, it is both rewarding and gives them a great sense of accomplishment.
Because it's a ``person-to-person'' interaction, I can share the joy with my students. It's really amazing.


Two generations of parents and children attend cram school

The school opened in 1985, and recently a former student of mine has gotten married, and their children are now attending Gakushisha.
When I asked why, my parents told me, ``If you go to Gakushisha, they will listen to your concerns other than studying, and you can grow at a cram school, so you should join.''
People feel that they can safely send their children to Gakushisha.
I'm really happy to hear that. To be honest, there have been many times when I have struggled with failure or things not going well. However, two generations of parents and children attend the cram school. This is proof of the trust that Gakushisha has earned over the years.

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